Friday, September 11, 2009

Kinder – Day 3

Friday. It’s the last day of the first week of school. When Ms. T got to the house I had to tell her that I was very close to keeping Aidan home sick. But, after a good night’s sleep, Aidan did appear much better this morning. As well, I had asked him if he wanted to go to school or stay home and he smiled for going to school. His smile is his primary method of communication. When given choices, he will smile for the thing he wants; and not smile for the thing he doesn’t want. I usually ask more than once and different ways so that I am sure of his choice.

We got to the school and again had a problem with finding an accessible way in. We were able to sneak in thru one of the front gates that is usually locked, but was luckily not closed all the way. Gotta talk to The Principal about this…he’s got to have a solution for us to easily get in to the school.

As we file in to the classroom, one dad introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Robby*”. “I’m Aidan’s mom, Nancy.” “Oh…you’re Aidan’s mom? Michael* talks about Aidan. He loves Aidan”. I was taken aback! Really? It’s only the 3rd day of school? But, that really warmed my heart to hear that another child spoke so warmly to his parents about Aidan.

They settled in. Teacher greeting. Roll call. Tooty Tot song. Funny, because I just stayed at the back of the class observing and Ms. T would periodically look back assuring me that Aidan was included and listening and enjoying. I like how she is really trying to please me and reassure me that he’s gonna be alright.

Things seemed to be progressing along fine. So I thought it’d be a good time for me to get away for a bit and run an errand. I’d be back to pick them up when they got out at 11:30am.

Got home and no news about the bus yet…so I told Ms. T that I’d still take them to school. Next Monday will be the first regular long schedule for the Kindergarteners (8:30 – 1:30). I’m hoping it goes well…And I hope I hear from the bus people! Connor starts school next week with the same 8:30 start time so I won’t be able to be in 2 places at the same time.

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