Sunday, March 4, 2012

Student of the Week

Aidan was Student of the week in his class.  As Student of the Week, the student presents an "All About Me" poster to his class.

Aidan's "All About Me" poster
He told his class that his Favorite Thing to Do was "watch Dancing with the Stars."
And When he grows Up he wants to be "A Judge on Dancing with the Stars."

Aidan and his aide presented his poster to his class
The rest of the class has to draw and write something about Aidan, since he was the Student of the Week.  I loved seeing the cute drawings and really interesting things his classmates had to say about him.  The sentiments are so sweet and insightful, yet naive and innocent.

Translation: "Aidan! You are a good friend to me! I hope
you will be on Dancing with the Stars one day.  I hope
 you will talk and walk one day."
Translation: "Aidan is nice because he is friendly.
Aidan is a good person. Aidan is sweet. Aidan is nice
to everybody."

Translation: "Aidan is cool. He is awesome. I like him.
He is nice. He is really lucky that he doesn't have to walk."

This kid really has no idea how truly lucky he is. Connor has said this once before, when he was lazy about having to walk. I snapped at him and said, "You don't even know how lucky and privileged you are to be able to walk?!" Like anything else, you don't know how lucky you are to have something, until you don't have it or its taken away from you.

Translation: "Aidan is always very happy. He is also
very funny. And nice and smart! and very cheerful!"
Translation: "I am sorry that you are in a wheelchair but
I wish that you can walk and talk. I love you."

Translation: "I think Aidan is nice. He is a good friend
to others. He is very special because everybody
cares about him."

Translation: "Aidan is very nice. He is good in math.
Aidan is my best friend. Aidan is a very cool person."

This kid keyed in on the fact that Aidan loves numbers! Aidan loves hearing numbers of any kind...telephone numbers, weights, prices, temperatures...any and all numbers!  Aidan is a numbers nerd!  :))

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