Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Highlights of the Mediterranean Cruise - Pompeii

Continuing the recap of our European Vacation...our next stop was...

Walking Tour of Pompeii, Italia -- June 7, 2012

 Thinking that it was not going to be very wheelchair accessible, we decided to backpack Aidan here as we walked around to see the ancient ruins.  We made the unwise decision to leave the stroller on the tour bus.  That turned out to be a painful mistake (painful for Aidan and labor-intensive for us)!  
A lot of it was quite accessible.  Pushing Aidan in the stroller could have saved him a lot of pain and agony, as we learned that too much time in the backpack carrier was very uncomfortable for Aidan.  The soft carrier that I got for this Europe trip just did not have enough support for him.  The lack of support in the backpack carrier coupled with Aidan’s severe scoliosis made the ride in the backpack carrier quite uncomfortable for him.
 He would shriek with tears rolling down his face. Ugh! It pained me to see him so uncomfortable!  Instead, Monica and I took turns carrying him in our arms and slowly bringing up the rear of the tour group.  That was the labor-intensive part, walking and carrying about 48 lbs in your arms but we did get to sit and rest when the guide would talk.  Aidan was happier and more comfortable so it had to be done.

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