Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just one of the kids...

Aidan is sitting in his new classroom chair. It's the third one the school district has purchased for him. The two chairs previously purchased for him at his old school were very expensive, hugely bulky, impractical and uncomfortable for him. This mobile floor sitter was purchased for use at this new school. This chair has worked out wonderfully. It has adjustable tilt, has wheels and brakes, wipes clean, and is low to the ground, great for kindergarten classroom rug time; and best of all - was only a fraction of the cost of his two previous chairs!
Aidan gets put in his adapted bike by his physical therapist. The kids in his class love his bike and always ooh and aah when he's in it. Aidan and his bike usually draws a crowd of kids around, so much that he usually can't get pushed very far because of the traffic created by the kids around him. Aidan loves it.
The adapted bike was purchased by the school district for Aidan's use. On the urging of Aidan's old preschool teacher, this adapted bike was surprisingly approved for purchase by his new school's physical therapist so that Aidan would be able to socialize and be included in recess activities with the other children.
Aidan in his gait trainer. This piece of equipment helps him with weight-bearing and supports him in initiating steps. The kids seem to love and marvel when he is out of his wheelchair.

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